Benefits of warm cup of tea

Tea is most popular beverge used all over the world. It can be prepared by several kinds of ingredients but the warmth of goodness of its aromatic temptation will be similar in every cup. From past thousands of years back, tea has been prepared with different manners symbolizing a key to good health , happiness and wisdom.

Acoording to scientific studies, tea has many beneficial properties for healthy body  and mind. Tea has less amount of caffeine in compare to coffee and helps in lowering cholesterol, heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. It uplifts the mental alertness and refreshing mood . It also contains many anti- oxidants with anit-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.   

Although the world has grown upto coffee lover but still there are so many people who can never replace their tea choice. Nutritionlist also agree that tea is good for health , inspite of some question are still in line. Such as, how much tea should be taken in a day? How to make proper tea ? how often you should choose the requirement of tea for your body ?

If we talk about the most best option, then it should be Green tea as it is the most purists form of all types. All the types of tea have caffeine and theanine, which affects our brain and boost mental alertness. More processed tea leaves has less polyphenol content and less polyphenols means less flavonoids . Flavonoids are the compound which are good for our heart and may reduce tea leaves are oxidized or fermented therefore they have lower concentrations of polyphenols than green tea: but still they are high in antioxidizing.

Here, are some benefits of tea. If you still struggling to choose the best option for yourself. Then, read the following content may be it will help you to find the best option for you.

Anti-aging property

Green tea contains a range of healthy natural compounds, mainly polyphenols. It contains a catechin named Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). They are natural antioxidants that reduces the formation of free-radicals by protecting cells from damage. These free radicals plays important role in aging process .

Therapist tea

Black tea is oxidized but still have many antioxidants in it. If it is prepared with varied ingredients, like ginger, turmeric , lemon grass, and many more. It may give therapeutic effects. It is medically used in domestic aid for cough and cold , headaches, fewer, digestion issues and relieving purposes.

Fat- loss

It may increases fat loss. It has two different reason. First, being consumed as hot beverages with healing ingredients promotes fat burning. Secondly , due to caffeine consumption in exchange of it body experience active physical work which reports to fat loss and simultaneously supports in digestion also.

Oral- health

Antioxidants present in tea suppress the growth of bacteria in the mouth which causes the plague  formation, cavities and tooth decay. Ingredients like clove, ginger, cinnamon, peppermint, fennel, cardamon helps to make breath fresher.

Healthy heart

Drinking tea may prevents you from cardiovascular diseases. Antioxidants presents in tea regulates the blood circulation and take care of our heart by reducing bad cholesterol levels which lowers the risk of stroke and arteries blockage.

Improve skin texture

Tea is the most popular beverage in the world. It is refreshing and energetic due to it’s herbal and nutritive ingredients. Drinking tea may hydrate you and give you radiant skin. Also, improved digestion and blood circulation shows the interesting influence on skin health.

Although, drinking tea has several therapeutic advantages but excess drinking of tea can make an adverse effect on the body. Generally, some differences in metabolism, sleeping orders, food desire and imbalanced sugar levels are observed in tea addicted people. This is still a crucial question that how much tea is good for health? But according to need if we take tea in a controlled manner it will result as medicine to pains but irregularities will make it poison for health.

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